Q: I need to give my cat a pill every day to prevent seizures, but he fights me every time. Is there an easier way?

A: Getting a pill down a cat's throat is definitely difficult. But no matter how much your cat hates the idea - and you probably do, too - he needs his medication to stay healthy. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

If you're dealing with a pill, the first thing to try is what I like to call the "Sneak Method."

Disguise the pill by wrapping it inside something tasty, such as cream cheese, peanut butter or canned cat food. I like a product called Pill Pockets because the yummy little treats have a space where you can insert the pill.

Try different substances until you find one your cat likes. (Give him just the treat plain first to get him hooked on it.)

Watch your cat to make sure he doesn't spit out the pill after eating the good stuff. Cats can hide pills in their mouths for a long time.

If your cat turns up his nose at the Sneak Method, try the "No-Nonsense Method." See if your veterinarian will demonstrate it first.

To master this procedure, firmly but gently grasp your cat's head from above, and use the index finger of your other hand to pry open his jaws. Place the pill far back on the tongue to trigger the swallowing reflex.

A sneaky way to make sure the pill goes down is to gently blow on your cat's nostrils, which will induce him to swallow. Follow with a syringe of fresh water to help wash it down.