Loving and engaging, almost always laughing and smiling, 17-year-old Raymear greets you with a hug when you arrive and gives you an enthusiastic high-five when you leave. He affectionately calls out the names of those he cares about, and blossoms with one-on-one attention.

Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Raymear receives special-education services at school and is making significant progress. He is learning the names of his classmates.

His favorite activities include swimming, dancing, listening to music, and watching movies and television. Eager to help, he delights in learning things, completing tasks, and helping his caretakers with chores. He spends many hours happily absorbed in working on his iPad and computer.

Though he is fully mobile and verbalizes well, Raymear needs assistance in all aspects of living. He receives daily therapies and will need them throughout his life. He would do best in a one- or two-parent home with, at most, one child. His adoptive family will need to be understanding, loving, and patient as he adjusts to his new home and school. He is eligible for financial subsidy.

Raymear and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Anna Coleman at the National Adoption Center.