Jah'vion dreams of becoming a professional wrestler when he grows up. For now, however, the 13-year-old keeps busy with a wide variety of interests, among them swimming, video games, basketball, football, magic cards, and wrestling action figures.

He is passionate about Legos, so he was thrilled to visit the Franklin Institute's "Art of the Brick" exhibit. On view were more than 100 works made from Lego bricks. His favorite was the 20-foot-long T-rex.

Although a bit shy when meeting new people, he quickly opens up when the talk turns to his interests. He has a dry sense of humor and delights in making others laugh with him. In school, Jah'vion benefits from special-education services and individual attention. Math and gym are his favorite classes.

Jah'vion wants very much to be adopted. When asked why he needs a family, he replied, "Because I don't have anybody." He hopes for a spiritual family who will take him to church. It would be best if he were the youngest or only child in the home.

Jah'vion and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Jason Monn at the National Adoption Center.