Want to give the gift of film but are afraid that handing out DVDs to family members makes you look cheap? Don't worry: Most distributors offer box sets that come with a little extra - a toy, a figurine, or some little plastic tchotchke to make the giving seem bigger, better, cooler.

Consider The Walking Dead Season 5 Limited Edition from Anchor Bay Entertainment. It comes, appropriately enough, with a zombie figurine.

But this ain't just a little doll. It's a whole scene: The zombie in question is crawling across a rather sizable chunk of graveyard.

It's not just a gift - it's a statement.

(www.anchorbayentertainment.com; $69.98 DVD; $149.99 Blu-ray; not rated)

Box sets with extra stuff

Outlander Season One: The Ultimate Collection. One of my favorites this year, this Blu-ray set comes in a handsome keepsake box, an engraved hip flask (for Scotch, of course), a photo collection, book about the show, and Season One soundtrack disc. (www.sonypictures.com/movies/discanddigital/; $164.99; not rated)

Nakatomi Plaza Die Hard Collection. Now you can actually climb the tower Bruce Willis defended from terrorists in the first Die Hard flick. The six Blu-ray discs in this five-film collection all fit into an imposing plastic reproduction of the famous high-rise. The tower is a good 16 inches tall. (www.foxconnect.com; $129.99; rated R)

The Wonder Years: Complete Series Locker. Yep, it's a school locker. The 26 DVDs in this set fit nicely into a cute - and sturdy - metal replica of a school locker that's about a foot-and-a-half tall. (www.timelife.com/DVD; $249.95; not rated)

Doctor Who: Christmas Specials Giftset. This three-disc set includes all 11 Christmas specials featuring the last three Doctor Who stars, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. Also included: a sonic screwdriver, the closest thing to a weapon the good Doctor carries. (www.shop.bbc.com/; $50.82 DVD; $57.98 Blu-ray; not rated)

Doctor Who: Christmas Specials Giftset with Tardis Speakers. OK, so I'm a Doctor Who-Head. This is a Blu-ray-only edition of the above collection, but instead of the screwdriver, you get a Bluetooth speaker shaped like the Doctor's time-travel device. It lists for $111.01.

Game of Thrones Blu-ray Steelbooks. So far, the first two seasons of the Blu-ray edition have been reissued in handsome steel boxes. The extra knickknack? It's a handsome, heavy Sigil magnet. (http://store.hbo.com/; $79.98 each; not rated)

Strain: Season 1 Premium. The name may be uninspired, but this cool box-set edition of FX's brilliant horror series comes with a large bust of the green-hued monster-vampire freakazoid at the center of the drama. It's scary-looking, man. (www.foxconnect.com; $39.98 DVD; $69.99 Blu-ray; not rated)

Zoolander Blu-ray SteelBook Giftset. This Walmart exclusive has a sporty headband with a tuft of spiky Ben Stiller-ish hair sticking up from the front. (www.walmart.com; $17.96; rated PG-13)

Jurassic World Limited Edition Gift Set. Who doesn't like plastic dinos? This gorgeous box set includes two sharp-toothed creatures, each mounted on its own handsome stand. Oh, and there's the movie: The three-disc set includes the 3D Blu-ray, regular Blu-ray and DVD. (www.uphe.com; $119.98; rated PG-13)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Limited Edition Castle Catapult Gift Set. And now for something completely different: This Blu-ray edition of the 1975 comedy classic comes with a castle wall section, a little catapult, and a set of rubber farm animals you can chuck around. (www.sonypictures.com/movies/discanddigital/; $55.99; rated PG)