FOUR FERAL felines have found employment at Chicago's Empirical Brewery as rat-catchers, of course. Placed by Tree House Humane Society's Cats at Work program, Venkman, Egon, Raymond and Gozer - nicknamed the Ghostbusters - patrol the grain-filled brewery with cat-astrophic results for rats and other rodents. They're not the only cats in the industry. The Instagram page @distillerycats features working-class cats at other breweries and distilleries as well as at wineries, bars, pubs, cafes and liquor stores. Raise a glass to them next time you're enjoying your favorite spirit.

* If you're decking the halls with boughs of holly and seasonal plants, consider going artificial or keeping them out of your home altogether. The spiny leaves and red berries of some types holly can cause vomiting, diarrhea and drooling. The severity of a pet's gastrointestinal upset depends on how much he eats. Other toxic holiday plants include amaryllis and tulip bulbs, mistletoe, Christmas cactus and any variety of lily. Poinsettias have a reputation for being poisonous, but at worst they are only mildly toxic.