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New DVDs: Complete 'X-Files,' holiday sets

I have a homework assignment for you: Prepare for the upcoming X-Files miniseries by reviewing the original series - all 202 episodes.

I have a homework assignment for you: Prepare for the upcoming


miniseries by reviewing the original series - all 202 episodes.

Set to premiere on Jan. 24 on Fox, the miniseries will feature original leads David Duchovny as FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as his partner, Dana Scully.

Get ready for the new installment by watching the series in high-def! All nine seasons of the sci-fi classic have been released for the first time on Blu-ray. It is available in individual one-season sets or as a massive, 55-disc box set.

Created by writer-producer Chris Carter, The X-Files ran from 1993 to 2002 and helped redefine science fiction on TV, with well-written stories in which the two heroes investigate the FBI's oddest cases, from vampires to UFOs. The tone always was fresh, varying from neo-noir existential despair in the more serious episodes to the heights of slapstick comedy.

The X-Files: The Collector's Set has a list price of $299.99, while individual seasons go for $29.99 each. (; not rated)

Ideas for holiday shoppers

Don Matteo Sets 1-12. One of the biggest hits on Italian TV, this wry murder mystery which premiered in 2000 stars Terence Hill as a crime-solving priest in the small town of Gubbio in central Italy. It's available on DVD in 12 sets of 8 episodes each from MHz Networks. MHz's website offers them at a lower price and a special discount if you buy all 12. (; $39.95 list price; not rated)

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series. I so wanted to be Colonel Steve Austin (Lee Majors) when I was a wee toddler! This 33-disc megaset includes all 106 episodes and 6 TV movies. (; $129.98; not rated)

The Bionic Woman: The Complete Series. Also from Universal, a 14-DVD set containing all three seasons of Lindsay Wagner's spinoff series. (; $74.98; not rated)

Indiepix Mix 10. A great gift for lovers of indie films, this set includes some of the year's best-loved releases, including the features All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, Artois The Goat, Evergreen, and the documentaries Candyman, The Axe in the Attic, and Shooting Star(s). (; $59.95; various ratings)

Simon Wiesenthal Film Collection. This amazing collection includes 11 documentaries about Jewish life and the legacy of the Holocaust, including Oscar-winning documentaries Genocide and Long Way Home. (; $49.98; not rated)

Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection. A collection of 12 award-winning animated shorts, some of which are released for the first time ever. (; $39.99 Blu-ray/DVD Combo; not rated)

Aladdin Diamond Edition. Featuring the voice talents of Robin Williams, Gilbert Gottfried and Jonathan Freeman, this 1992 hit has been released for the first time in high-def with new extras. (; $39.99 Blu-ray/DVD combo; rated G)

Lost in Space: The Complete Adventures. Meticulously restored for Blu-ray, all three seasons of this family hit from the mid-1960s are now available in an 18-disc box set. (; $199.99; not rated)

Star Wars: The Steelbook Sets. Each of the six Star Wars films are now available on Blu-ray in individual steelbook editions. (; $24.99 each; rated PG)

The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes Ultimate Collection. This 22-disc box set features 45 never-before-released episodes from the show's first five seasons. (; $199.90; not rated)

Most titles also available for digital download from major retailers.