Reviewed by Wendy Rosenfield (W.R.), Jim Rutter (J.R.), David Patrick Stearns (D.P.S.) and Toby Zinman (T.Z.).

A Christmas Story (Walnut Street Theatre) If you loved the 1983 film version, you'll love this musical. And if you hated the 1983 film version, you'll love this musical. Through Jan 20. - J.R.

A Knee That Can Bend (Orbiter 3) An American studying in Senegal discovers a gay underground that opens a new world to her. Ends Sunday.

Baskerville (Philadelphia Theatre Company) A tissue-thin comedy revisits the Conan Doyle classic with some good performances but not in aid of much. Through next Sunday. - D.P.S.

Becoming Dr. Ruth (Walnut Street Theatre/Independence Studio) This cozy, risk-free biodrama chronicles the life of America's most famous sex therapist. Through next Sunday. - T.Z.

Billy Elliot (Media Theatre) This homage to dance's transformative power is a promise that Media's production expertly fulfills in one of its best musicals ever. Through Jan. 3. - J.R.

The Book of Mormon (Forrest Theatre) The enthusiastic elders deliver their religious message in a winning and hilarious, but very much R-rated, song-and-dance package. Through next Sunday. - W.R.

Diner: The Musical (Delaware Theatre Company) Lifelong early-20s buddies meet at the diner, where they sing, josh, and jive and face the fact that growing up may be inevitable. Musically weak, but a terrific cast. Extended through Jan. 3. - J.R.

Gentlemen Volunteers (Pig Iron Theatre) A revival of this story of two World War I American ambulance drivers does not enchant as the original did. Through next Sunday. - T.Z.

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical (Montgomery Theater) If it's your thing, this holiday hillbilly special brings two hours of lowbrow fun. Ends Sunday. - J.R.

Hansel and Gretel (Quintessence Theatre Group) A contemporary retelling of the classic Grimm fairy tale that piles on a bit too much but that is beautifully acted and produced. Through Jan. 3. - J.R.

It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (Bucks County Playhouse) A musical adaptation, set in the 1940s, of the beloved movie. Through Dec. 27.

Lafferty's Wake (Society Hill Playhouse) Charlie Lafferty's (still) dead, and you're invited to join the memorializing, storytelling, and imbibing at his favorite pub. Through next Sunday.

Menopause the Musical (Penn's Landing Playhouse) To classic tunes from the '60s and '70s, four women of a certain age bond over the one thing they share. Extended through January.

This Is the Week That Is (1812 Productions) Now marking its 10th anniversary, 1812's merry take on the highs and lows of current events is as fresh as ever. Through Dec. 31. - J.R.

The Three Maries (Prince Theater) It's 1926 and Queen Marie of Romania is coming to visit Philadelphia in this new city-centric musical by Michael Ogborn. There are Mummers! Through Jan. 10

The Three Musketeers (People's Light) In this year's holiday panto, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and a chicken hunt for justice against the evil Lord Mazorotti. It's fun for all, but a little too long and a little too sweet. Through Jan. 10. - W.R.