Without saying a word, 13-year-old Nehemiah can bring a smile to your face. He is a joy to be around.

He loves trains and envisions a career as a locomotive engineer, but he's just as interested in insects and animals and spends hours learning about them on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. He also enjoys watching comedy movies, reading mystery stories, and listening to gospel music.

Nehemiah can be quiet and timid when you first meet him, but once he gets to know you, he will engage in lengthy conversations on just about any topic. He has a unique bond with his twin sister, and they can communicate without saying a word. He also develops strong relationships with people he feels connected to and loved by.

Nehemiah is eager for a permanent home. He would thrive in a patient, loving, and nurturing family that would provide a structured environment for him and help him reach his goals. The family could be a mom and a dad, or just a dad. Along with his sister, he is close to his younger brother, and it is important that they all remain in contact.

Nehemiah and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Jason Monn at the National Adoption Center.