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Amy Schumer talks cheesesteaks, manscaping and her 'weird year' at a packed Wells Fargo Center Saturday

Comedienne Amy Schumer packed the house as her world tour stopped this weekend in Philly, where she got candid about her sex life and joked about Philly men.

But is she Geno's or Pat's? "I'll eat anything," she said.

The star and creator of Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer and author of the autobiographical humor book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo admitted she has had a "weird year - I got rich and famous and humble." But that didn't stop her from her trademark frank discussion of personal sexual issues."

Sipping out of a wine bottle during the show, Schumer also made light of Hollywood accusing her of having a weight problem.

Losing poundage for her movie Trainwreck made her too thin: "I'm what Hollywood calls very fat. I lost all this weight . . . and with my dumb Cabbage Patch head, I looked like a hot air balloon of Tonya Harding in a Macy's parade."

"Dieting is my Holocaust - like, never again," she added. "I'm a Jew by the way."

She gave a shout-out to her Bud Light commercial with Seth Rogen, then segued into a skit with puppet Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog from Conan O'Brien's late-night show. (Triumph co-creator Robert Smigel made a cameo appearance on stage with Schumer.)

Schumer, a Long Island native, referred to racism in Philly being "like nowhere else. If an Irish guy dates an Italian girl, they're like, 'Why he couldn't find a white girl?' ... what? This place is hard core."

Schumer embraces her sexuality in her stand-up, sending love to "my p---, except on bad days. On bad days? ISIS - it's bad. Don't go, don't let your friends get recruited."

Schumer's been open about her first sex experience being non-consensual Nothing was off limits during the raunchy show, except that no smart phones or photos were allowed until the last five minutes. Security patrolled the crowd, escorting fans out if they didn't comply.

"I really love the people here. The people kill me. They're so hilarious. I know these women here, they live in Schuylkill [sic] and drink asti spumante all day."

Schumer also reminded the crowd she's endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. She performed at the Secretary of State's birthday party in October 2015.

"I've always loved her," Schumer said.

Schumer again spoke out against gun violence, noting "severely mentally ill people," "terrorists" and "blind people" are allowed to buy guns in America. In July 2015, a gunman in Louisiana opened fire during a screening of Trainwreck and two women were fatally wounded. Schumer recalled the victims by name -- Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson -- during Saturday's show.