We asked WXPN DJ Helen Leicht, celebrating 40 years in radio, to list some of her favorite local songs and artists, current and past. First up was a favorite new album, Amos Lee's Spirit. Here are some songs she likes, too:

Jesse Hale Moore, "Every Time." It's a current fave, and she says she's "waiting for more new music" from him.

Mutlu, "Gone Forever," from his new EP, Caffeine & Whiskey.

Vita & the Woolf, "Brett."

Hemming, "All I Want."

Cole Redding, "Save Me." Says Leicht: "This is the first song I played from Cole . . . waiting for his debut album."

Liz Longley, "Weightless," title track off her new album.

Ginger Coyle, "Rise Up," a new song from her forthcoming album.

The Youngers, "Morning Sun," from their new album, Picture of You.

Heart Harbor, "Hate Nothing."

American Babies, "What Does It Mean to Be," from their latest album, An Epic Battle Between Light and Dark.

"Neighborhood Struggles" from A Day in My Life, a collaboration between students at the Henry H. Houston School and LiveConnections, with Andrew Lipke.

- A.D. Amorosi