The military recruits a linguist (Amy Adams) to help decipher alien communications.


is at once majestic and melancholy. It's a grand endeavor, and Adams, at the center of it all, brings pluck and smarts and a deep-seated sorrow to her role.


(brief strong language)

Loving True story of an interracial couple who were jailed for getting married in 1950s Virginia. Their case led to the Supreme Court decision invalidating race-related marriage laws. PG-13 (thematic elements, some profanity)

Tower Keith Maitland's extraordinary film documenting the 1966 clock tower massacre at the University of Texas in Austin is like no documentary you've seen. Maitland hired actors to re-create the carnage from the viewpoint of various victims, then used that footage as the basis for the lifelike animation technique known as rotoscoping - which brings the terror of those 90 minutes to vivid life. No MPAA rating (startling and realistic gun violence and death.)