Manchester by the Sea

Casey Affleck is sensational in an Oscar-worthy performance as a self-hating melancholic who has lived a miserable life as a janitor since he lost both his children in an accident. When his older brother dies, he must return to his tiny hometown and assume responsibility for his teenage nephew.


Moana This delightful, lyrical, and deeply moving 3D computer-animated family picture is a semicomic adventure story featuring the first truly feminist heroine to grace Walt Disney's animated features. Based in part on Polynesian myths, it's about a teenage princess who goes on an arduous journey to restore the creative powers of the fecund earth mother who created the world. PG

The Edge of Seventeen A teen's (Hailee Steinfeld) life takes a turn for the worse when her best friend begins dating her brother. It works because it's not a candy-coated version of teenagedom. It's harsh, awkward, and funny, just like being a teenager. R