KISS kisses off Trump

There's a political division in KISS guy Gene Simmons' family. He likes Donald Trump, and spouse Shannon Tweed and their kids do not. So when KISS was invited to perform on Inauguration Day in D.C., KISS said, "We're sorry, but we will be rearranging our sock drawer on that day."

Snakes on a plane

If you're a celeb and you're on an airplane, it's going to be rough. Song man Richard Marx and spouse Daisy Fuentes had to help restrain a guy going nuts aboard a Korean Airlines flight. Marx is mad that a crew member pointed a Taser at the miscreant but did not use it. And now some capital-J jerk was menacing Ivanka Trump and her children on a flight before he was restrained. Maybe celebs should do like John Madden and take trains and buses everywhere.

A last longing look

Helen Mirren has a very adult view of the year just past. Asked on The Graham Norton Show for an "inspirational" message, she reminded the world "that 2016 has been a big pile of" . . . sorry, our TV just shorted out. . . . Blac Chyna's lawyer says Adidas offered her $250,000 for a Blac Chyna line of shoes. Adidas says it's a lie. . . . The impoverished and embattled Johnny Depp wants soon-to-be-ex Amber Heard to pay him $100,000 in legal fees.

Compiled by staff writers.