3D Hanukkah goggles

Time to trick out your Hanukkah.

These Star of David 3D glasses (that may be their official name, but we prefer Hanukkah goggles) have a simple concept: Pop 'em on, and look at the light, which refracts and creates Stars of David out of pinpoints of light.

They're the size and weight of old-school 3D glasses, but they're less drive-in, more dreidel.

They're an excellent addition for any family (seriously, we get such a kick out of them), but are perfect for those who have a Christmas tree and a menorah lighting up their houses this year, when Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah just so happen to coincide. We've tested these bad boys out on both our Christmas tree and our menorah, and they work equally well on all symbols of holiday cheer.

These 3D glasses are available at many outlets, but we found them at the National Museum of American Jewish History. - Molly Eichel
Star of David 3D glasses
, $3, National Museum of American Jewish History, 101 S. Independence Mall East, 215-923-3811, www.nmajh.org.