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'Bad Santa' is real: Maine mall fires rude Saint Nick

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have you guys been naughty or nice this year? IT DOESN'T MATTER because Santa is all fed up with pulling the short straw every holiday season and he's not going to have any more of this "I want a Polly Princess play set" crap. Just ask 6-year-old Chantel Mailhiot who tried to talk to Santa Claus at the Maine Mall. Santa caught wind of the fact that Chantel's mom wasn't going to purchase a $20 photo booklet scrapbook thing, so when the girl went to sit on his lap he was all, "yeah, that's not gonna happen."

He supposedly put his hands on his lap and wouldn't let Chantel sit down. The girl's mother says that Santa wouldn't listen to her list and didn't ask her if she'd been good this year. Chantel tried to tell Santa that she wanted an American Girl doll anyway and he responded by asking, "American football?" Troll hand strong, Santa. Troll hand strong. Chantel's mother wrote a Facebook post detailing their horrible experience with the Maine Mall Santa and other people chimed in with their own tales of Scroogedom. One woman said he was the rudest man she'd ever met.

The Maine Mall pulled the plug on the Grinchy Santa and hopes to have a new Saint Nick shortly. [WGME]