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CBS3 responds to the Nicole Brewer-Carol Erickson viral video everyone's talking about

A CBS3 rep says the ladies don't hate each other

A video of edited together clips featuring CBS3 morning anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson snarking at each other went viral yesterday.

The video makes it look the like the two have are in the midst of a bitter feud. At one point in the video, the backdrop makes it look as if Erickson is bathed in light, giving her a halo. Brewer responds, "It always comes into question when it's you and a halo."

The video, from AmazingLife247, has over 400,000 views at press time but Mark Pygas, human resources and community manager of AmazingLife247, says they expected the numbers to reach 500,000 to 600,000 by the end of the day yesterday. Pygas said videos on their site come from both their team and viewers who submit clips to them.
Outlets far and wide picked up the video. Grantland writer Mark Listanti who wrote about "the crackling magic generated by two people who can't turn off their mutual hate just because there's a camera pointed at them. This isn't going to end well for anybody, except the Internet."

A rep from CBS 3 called the video "ridiculous." "It's edited out of context," the rep told me. "Carol has been a mentor to Nicole and they're friendly both in the newsroom and out. It gives a totally false impression of what they're relationship is like. Their viewers who've watched them over the years know they're more than friendly."

Brewer's Twitter feed shows several tweets with the two looking pretty friendly together as recently as a couple days ago.

So is it hatred or just bad comedic timing?

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