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City Paper gets new look

Philadelphia City Paper is getting a makeover.

Philadelphia City Paper is getting a makeover.

Next time you pick up the paper, you'll see it has launched a re-design, front to back, for the first time since 2009.

Editor-in-Chief Lillian Swanson said the paper is taking a page from newspaper history in devoting a full page to a color comic. Swanson plans to invite a different local comic artist each week to showcase their talents inside the City Paper.

"We call it our grown-up look," said Swanson.

"It's our first major re-design since 2009, and just about everything has changed since then."

Swanson said the new look harkens back to newspaper styles from the 1800s, before modern papers had to shrink in size and cut their comics pages.

"What we're doing goes against the grain," said Swanson.

"And that, of course, is what an alternative newspaper should do."