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People upset at Spotify over condom commercials on Christmas

A bunch of people have taken to Spotify's Facebook page to let the company know that they're not exactly elated with the ad placement between songs on Christmas morning. Occasionally, between songs, Spotify will air an ad and, as it so happens, at least one of those commercials is for Trojan condoms. People lamented on Facebook about opening presents to Christmas music and also ads featuring Trojan Maaaaaaaan.

Jay Ross wrote, "spotify, your advertising targeting is TERRIBLE. this (christmas) morning, we had josh groban's christmas album playing while our toddler was opening presents. then came the ad. "TROJAN MAN!!!!!!" how on earth is it appropriate to play trojan commercials at 8am christmas morning?? i'm sure we'll laugh it off in the future, but really [sic]."

Joe Bowen added, "I wish I could listen to Spotify during Christmas...but those TROJAN MAAAAN commercials are too awkward for my family. Thanks, Spotify [sic]."

D.j. Gribbin posted, "can you guys do something about the disgusting condom commerical it plays after every song and sometimes during songs im trying to play music for my family and its makeing them upset [sic]."