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Subway sandwich artist refuses to put ketchup on cheesesteak, tries to start fight, gets fired

1. Ohio or Florida? - Glad you asked. This particular incident occured in Orlando, Florida.

2. Was this Subway located inside a Walmart? - Um, duh.

3. What kind of cheesesteak did the customer order? - He asked for a cheesesteak with American cheese, onions, and ketchup because—apparently—he's got no idea what the hell he's doing.

4. How did the Subway sandwich artist respond? Something like this:

5. Does Subway even have ketchup? - No, no they don't.

6. Why was he fired? - Because we have to chase him. Because he's the hero cheesesteaks deserve, but (apparently) not the one they need right now (and also because he allegedly kicked over a chair and threatened to fight a customer, which—it seems—isn't an ideal way to react during a disagreement about condiments, even if you're entirely in the right).

7. Wait, so, the Subway sandwich artist is a hero? - He's not a hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.

8. Will the Subway sandwich artist face charges? - WFTV is reporting that the case might be handed off to the State Attorney's Office.

9. *Crosses fingers* Is there a lengthy interview with the Subway sandwich artist/Cheesesteak Dark Knight? - Oh, you betcha.

10. Does that video include any gems? - Does it?! Try:

"Don't curse me out and then try to hide behind your woman."

"I had left because my mom works up in there and she knows I used to be very hot-headed..."

"I'm not about to kill you with my fists, for one—I know when to stop."

"Two liars, what, make one big liar. They probably got kid liars."