So the turkey's been eaten and the dishes have been washed, and you're looking for something to do other than shop? Check out these three holiday movies.

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Disney's latest 3-D computer-animated feature is a rare mainstream blockbuster set in a matriarchal universe, and its namesake hero is a bona fide feminist princess. Brimming with great heart and great humor, Moana further explodes our assumptions about the Disney heroine.

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The French nature documentary Seasons follows a specific set of animals, showing how they have adapted over different periods in our planet's history. The footage is stunning, and through gorgeous cinematography and understated musical cues,  Seasons makes a case for conservation.

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At turns elegiac, absurdist, and gently satirical, Manchester by the Sea is an achingly graceful, heartfelt, working-class story about loss, grief, and family obligations. And if the early buzz is any indication, the film may earn star Casey Affleck his second Oscar nomination.