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Willow Grove couple get married on Valentine's Day 'Rachael Ray'

A Willow Grove couple, who went on their first date 33 years ago, will get married on today's Rachael Ray Show.

Rick Hayward and Karen Lynch went out on a date as teenagers but nothing came of their romance. In the intervening years, they got married (to other people), had kids, and got divorces, until they were reunited via Facebook. They started dating once more and were engaged. Hayward surprised Lynch by telling her they were going to New York to go dress-shopping, but Ray surprised the blushing bride, telling her she would be getting married 24 hours later with all of their friends and family in attendance.

Lynch spends the next day making lots of wedding plans, including at stop at Say Yes to the Dress wedding dress shop Kleinfelds Bridal.

Check out their story:

The Rachael Ray Show airs at 10 a.m. on 6ABC.