Is there anything more exciting for a little kid than playing dress up? Put on a costume and pretend to be a fairy or a lost boy; costumes give children the chance to bring their favorite stories to life.

Local artist, Candy Coated, brought these favorite childhood memories to life at her latest exhibition. CandyCoated Wonderland is currently showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through November 17.

Inspired by real 19th and 20th century costumes from the PMA's collection, Candy Coated designed her own contributions: knights, hula girls, Peter Pan, and more. She adds her own unique spin with modern textiles such as colorful vinyl, gems, or silk-screened fabrics.

Candy Coated got her start at Philly's Fabric Workshop and Museum. A master painter and silk screener, her modern interpretations of classic creations fit right in at the PMA.