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Presenting a pop up band

After completing four shows in 24 hours, The Wonder Years heads back to Philly for a pop up party to promote their new album.

As if playing four shows in 24 hours across the country wasn't enough, local pop-punk band The Wonder Years will be co-hosting a pop up store in Philly May 14 to May 17 with indie clothing brand Glamour Kills to promote their latest album, "The Greatest Generation."

Held at the space formerly known as the Stupid Easy Ideas Gallery at 307 Market Street, the pop-up shop will sell the "The Greatest Generation," which was released May 14, as well as one-of-a-kind Glamour Kills/Wonder Years goodies like denim jackets, button-down plaid shirts, tees, hats, and sweatshirts. The pop-up shop will be open during the day, and special events held later at night will include performances by The Wonder Years and some of their friends as well as a movie night hosted by two members of the band.

During the release week of "The Greatest Generation," the band will also be performing acoustic sets at record stores like the Gallery of Sound in Wilkes-Barre, Penn.; the Newbury Comics in Norwood, Massachusetts; and the Vintage Vinyl in Ford, New Jersey.

"We're trying to encourage people to purchase the album instead of taking it online," bassist Josh Martin said.

Though Martin and drummer Mike Kennedy will be on hand at the pop-up shop during the movie night showing the classic record store film "High Fidelity," the rest of the band will be on the record store tour until the final night of the pop-up event to come together and play an acoustic performance as a band.

Last week, the band played four shows in 24 hours promoting their newest album, with shows in New York City, Chicago, Anaheim, and Philadelphia's First Unitarian Church.

Acoustic performances by Man Overboard with special guests Bright And Early, as well as a comedic performance by Krystyna Hutchinson, whom fans might remember from The Wonder Years' "Melrose Diner" music video, will be held on May 16.

During the movie night on May 15, an old-time popcorn machine will be set up, and the band has ordered old-fashioned red-and-white-striped classic popcorn holders with the band's logo. The band has also created a special Ping-Pong table, complete with customized Ping-Pong balls, to be played at the pop-up shop and event space.

The location of the pop-up shop is also close to the band, as Dan King, the owner of the space where the events will be held, has a longstanding history with the band's members. He's known Martin since he was 11 and went to Drexel University with guitarist Casey Cavaliere.

A connection to Glamour Kills was also created long before the collaboration, as Mark Capicotto, the company's owner, had met the band at an acoustic performance in the fall of 2010. He says the band is an office favorite for the members of his 10-person staff, and the Glamour Kills team was excited to work with The Wonder Years.

"We've never seen a band do a pop-up store," Capicotto said.

The first meeting with Glamour Kills and the Wonder Years was held in December, and the band originally gave the brand demos of their new album to help jumpstart the creative process. Songs from "The Greatest Generation," like "I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral," have lyrics that are included in some of the designs.

"We wanted to base stuff off of the style of the album and give it its own look," Capicotto said. "You get to be creative with someone else's creativeness."

Though the events will be free, a limited number of tickets are available online and are required at the door. The store hours will be from 2 PM. to 6:30 PM. every day, with the special events occurring from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets and more information is available at a special Tumblr set up for the occasion.