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Tattle | Will kidnappers take a crack at Winehouse?

BRITAIN'S News of the World, the grain-of-salt gossip tab, reports that UK gangsters have told jailed Blake Fielder-Civil that wife Amy Winehouse would be kidnapped unless he coughs up approximately $200,000.


News of the World

, the grain-of-salt gossip tab, reports that UK gangsters have told jailed

Blake Fielder-Civil

that wife

Amy Winehouse

would be kidnapped unless he coughs up approximately $200,000.

It's that rare case of the ransom request before the kidnapping.

"Blake's petrified," an unidentified hoosegow source told News of the World. "He's living in fear for Amy's life and his own.

"At first he thought the guys in here were just trying their luck, but the threats have got really bad. He's now under no illusions and convinced they'll go through with what they say.

"[Amy's] at her weakest right now," the source continued, "and what with her wandering the streets in the dead of night she's at massive risk.

"Blake knows it'll be easy to bundle her off in a car without anyone batting an eyelid."

Tattle suspects that if gangsters nabbed Winehouse, it would be to run her through a centrifuge and reconstitute all the drugs in her system for resale.

* News of the World allegedly spoke with Lindsay Lohan ex Riley Giles about the pair's hot, albeit brief, rehab "romance."

According to Riley, after the pair met at Cirque Lodge and couldn't resist each other, they moved into a mountain log cabin and spent most of the time in bed.

Those weren't wolves you heard howling in Utah.

It was Lindsay trading her drug high for a sex high.

"When you orgasm," explained Riley, who's a snowboarder (but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), "your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay, you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery."

And Riley, it seems, was only too happy to play doctor.

"The first time we had sex I couldn't believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked," he said, as if that were some kind of unique experience. "Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round."

"She has great curves, but her belly is nice and flat and toned."

Sounds like an ad for "Lindsay Lohan's Sex, Drugs and Booze Workout."

Of course their relationship wasn't just physical.

"Lindsay would tell me she loved me and I'd say that to her, too," Riley said. "And I don't say that to a lot of girls."

Wow, you're such a gentleman.

"She told me she'd only ever had three serious boyfriends - and I'm one of them."

You're also one of only three guys who believed her.

* In other hot mess news, OK! magazine says Britney Spears' latest boy toy is a handsome paparazzo named Adnan.

Ah, just point and shoot.

It is unclear, after one alleged night, if Adnan qualifies as a "serious" boyfriend.


* Ike Turner's funeral Friday in Gardena, Calif., was highlighted by great music and kind words from rock luminaries.

One speaker said Turner had been "demonized and vilified" by his ex-wife Tina Turner, and called the 1993 film "What's Love Got To Do With It," based on Tina's autobiography, a "piece-of-trash movie," inspiring applause from some mourners.

Phil Spector continued, "Ike made Tina the jewel she was."

And what a character witness he is. Spector stood trial for murder earlier this year for the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson. A judge declared a mistrial in September after jurors failed to reach a verdict.

* Although we think Katherine Heigl should have waited until the release of her bridesmaid movie "27 Dresses" to tie the knot, the "Knocked Up" beauty wed musician Josh Kelley yesterday in Deer Valley, Utah.

OK! magazine says Katherine wore white Oscar De La Renta and walked the aisle to a special tune written by the groom.

Three bridesmaids, including sister Meg, wore cranberry De La Renta cocktail dresses, while the groom and his four groomsmen, including T.R. Knight (of "Grey's Anatomy"), were dressed in Tommy Hilfiger.

Other "Grey's" medics in attendance included Sandra Oh, Kate Walsh and Justin Chambers.

* For Christmas, Tattle has a present.

The first dozen readers to e-mail their name and address to gensleh@, will receive a free copy of the new cheerleader comedy DVD, "Bring It On: In It To Win It," starring a lot of pretty girls and hunky guys with whom we are unfamiliar.

The movie is rated PG-13 and features the song "He Said She Said" by Ashley Tisdale.

So if you've got e-mail, a name and an address, "Bring It On," and you could win a DVD.

But enter tomorrow because we're leaving to watch Penn play basketball in Florida.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here's hoping 2008 sees celebrities making better choices - for their own sake. For Tattle's sake, see you in rehab! *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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