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Tattle: In Times Square, Snooki no belle of the ball

NEW YORK CITY sidewalks still are clogged with snow and some fool was thinking of dropping trash out of the sky, too?

NEW YORK CITY sidewalks still are clogged with snow and some fool was thinking of dropping trash out of the sky, too?

This sounds made up but it's not. There was a plan to have Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the poufed "Jersey Shore" princess, placed inside a clear, plastic ball and then lowered during the midnight countdown in Times Square on New Year's Eve. But, luckily, the smart folks at the Times Square Alliance have dropped the ball on the idea.

"We love our Times Square home, and while we're disappointed there won't be a Snooki ball-drop there, she cannot be denied!" MTV said in a statement. "So we're taking a road trip to the place where it all began, Seaside Heights, and droppin' it all there."

No official reason was given for the change in the situation. Snooki will just have to get her party on in Seaside Heights.

A-list invite

In other New Year's news, Jay-Z has reserved 50 rooms at the Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas, according to That's where he's performing tonight, along with Coldplay, for a private, invitation-only show celebrating the opening of the $3.9 billion resort. A source told Bossip that Jigga "requested the rooms for his entourage and for his personal security."

Not a pretty picture

Unless they have a stretch-mark fetish, who would pay to see Octomom Nadya Suleman naked? And what kind of sleazeball would attempt to coerce the unemployed, single mother of 14 into stripping to save her home? After giving Suleman repeated warnings to pay the $450,000 that's due or get out, Suleman's mortgage holder is considering an offer from Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch to foot the bill. Suleman has repeatedly declined Hirsch's offers - $1 million at one point - to appear in porn videos. Hirsch claims that he's also interested in having Suleman doing promotional work, even with her clothes on, for Vivid.

"There'd be no pressure on her. We're not looking to foreclose on the note, but if nothing else it would give us opportunity to meet with her," Hirsch said. "She's made it clear she doesn't want to do an adult movie. Maybe there are other things we could do that she would be interested in."

Suleman was served with eviction papers on Dec. 2.

Run and tell dat, fat boy

Break-out YouTube star of the year, Antoine Dodson, has a Christmas version of his "Bed Intruder" song which is funny but bad. So hide your gifts. Hide your tree. "All I want for Christmas is for you to keep your fat --- out of my house," Dodson attempts to sing. "If Santa's coming to my house, he's coming through the space heater." Dodson, you'll recall, rose to fame after a news reporter interviewed him following a home invasion in which an intruder attempted to rape his sister. The video of his interview was made into a song that went viral, which led to Dodson being invited to perform on the BET Awards.

Girls, girls, girls

How do filmmakers interest football-loving males in seeing a movie about ballet? By adding a little girl-on-girl action, says Natalie Portman, the star of the new film "Black Swan." In it, Portman hooks up with a rival ballerina played by Mila Kunis. "Everyone was so worried about who was going to want to see this movie," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I remember them being like, 'How do you get guys to a ballet movie? How do you get girls to a thriller?' And the answer is a lesbian scene. Everyone wants to see that."

CSI Hollywood

_ Still no word yet on what caused Teena Marie's untimely death. Autopsy results show no sign of trauma, and it will be weeks before the Ivory Queen of Soul's toxology reports are in. Her body was discovered in her Los Angeles home on Sunday.

* Executors of Michael Jackson's estate are demanding that Discovery Channel abandon its tasteless plan to broadcast a show re-enacting the autopsy of the deceased King of Pop. Jackson-estate representatives were alarmed after seeing an Internet ad for "Michael Jackson's Autopsy," showing a sheet-covered body on a gurney, with one sequined-gloved hand sticking out.

Tito goes solo . . . finally

Silly me. We thought all of Michael Jackson's brothers and sisters already had launched solo careers. But it turns out that Tito Jackson has been holding out. "The only people who haven't done it are my mom and dad and the family dog," says Tito, 57, one of the original Jackson 5 members.

The long wait is over, and Tito's debut solo album, "So Far, So Good," is due out in early 2011. He had planned to put it out earlier but said he was thrown by his brother's 2009 death. "It took a minute to get my head back in the right direction."

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