BRAD PITT  surprised sneak peekers at an early screening of "World War Z" in King of Prussia Regal Cinemas yesterday.

My sources tell me Pitt introduced the film to two theaters and then hopped on a plane to his next locale so, unfortunately, he didn't get to hang around town. This town has changed a lot since Pitt shot "12 Monkeys" here back in 1995.

"I just crushed a cheesesteak next door," Pitt told the audiences yesterday. "It really is the perfect sandwich."

Pitt continued that he was excited for fans to see the film. "Why? Because our film opens in Philly," Pitt said to cheers from the crowd. "Spoiler alert: It doesn't go well."

Pitt owed us this one. Despite opening in Philadelphia, "World War Z" was shot in Glasgow, Scotland.

Pitt has been showing up to various screenings of his epic zombie flick. He was at a screening in Atlanta earlier yesterday. On May 22, he showed up at a late-night screening in Hoboken.

"World War Z," also starring "The Killing's" Mirielle Enos, James Badge Dale and Philly's own David Morse, hits theaters June 21.

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