Lucy, the scary version

Residents of Celoron, N.Y., are proud TV and film icon Lucille Ball was born in their town. They love her. Dearly.

What they don't love so much is a statue of Lucy by artist Dave Poulin that was erected in town in 2009. It's not just that the comedian looks like a demented serial killer. The face is all wrong - the eyes big and monstrous, the teeth threatening and prominent, the hair kind of masculine.

Concerned citizens have spent six years trying to persuade town leaders to redo the piece or get rid of it. Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost tells the Post-Journal in Jamestown, N.Y., he doesn't want to waste any more taxpayer money on the statue. "We're all aware that [it] doesn't look like Lucy and needs to be fixed," he says, "We're just working on getting the funds to do that."

Bieber: It's all about Selena

Nothing to get the creative juices flowing like a personal catastrophe. So Justin Bieber learned this year as he went about preparing his next studio album. (Relax, it's not due for another year.)

Bieber, 21, tells Ryan Seacrest his heartbreak at the hands of Selena Gomez has proved a spur to creation. "A lot of my inspiration comes from [her]," Bieber says.

"It was a long relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness," he said, "and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about."

RoPat, twigs to marry at pub?

Don't expect dreamboat Robert Pattinson to marry his music lady squeeze, FKA twigs (a.k.a. Tahliah Debrett Barnett), at a bloated multimillion-dollar Kardashian-esque do, Anonymous Insider tells People. RoPat's parents, Richard and Clare Pattinson, "would really like a church wedding," says the source, but twigs "wants something quite informal, like a pub wedding."

It's what they did to Samson

As everyone knows, Lex Luthor is bald as a bowling ball. Jesse Eisenberg knew it when he signed up to play Superman's nemesis in Batman v. Superman. But he was terrified to have his head shaved. "It's really strange," Eisenberg, who catapulted to the A-list with The Social Network, told Seth Meyers. "It's the kind of thing where I can, like, really damage myself. You want to wear a helmet."