WITH ALL those kids, one had to get in trouble.

Josh Duggar, the oldest of the 300 Duggar children made famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) by the hit TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting," had a troublesome bit of his past raised yesterday when In Touch magazine reported that when Josh was underage, he was named in a police report as the "alleged offender" in a sexual-abuse probe.

To summarize quickly, Josh (who was likely 16 or 17 at the time of the incident) was going to be charged with sexual assault in the fourth degree (in Arkansas, a sexual act with someone under 16) when he was brought into the state police by his father, Jim Bob. Jim Bob said he caught Josh leaving a young girl's bedroom and "learned something inappropriate happened," an unnamed source said.

Given the Duggars' interesting rules of courtship, it could have been that the couple kissed without two feet on the floor and a phone book separating their torsos.

It's unclear what actually happened, because an investigation was never finished. The state trooper who took the report didn't follow up, In Touch reports, and he's now in jail after being convicted of child-pornography charges.

The statute of limitations on the case ran out about seven years ago. Josh is now married with three children and a lobbyist for the conservative, Christian Family Research Council.

Cannes you balance?

The Cannes Film Festival is coming under scrutiny for its strict dress code after women not wearing high heels were turned away from a premiere.

Screen International reported that several middle-aged women were refused entry to Sunday's premiere of Todd Haynes' '50s lesbian romance, "Carol," for wearing flats.

First off, middle-aged women who aren't comfortable in heels should never wear heels - unless they're going to the Oscars or a drag show (in which case, they're probably middle-aged men).

Secondly, is "flats" code for "Birkenstocks"?

The issue is flat-out embarrassing for Cannes this year because the fest has been marked by considerable discussion about gender equality in the movie industry.


* TMZ.com reports that The Game (a/k/a Jayceon Terrell Taylor) had production of his dating show, "She's Got Game," halted a few days ago when his TV crew went on strike after the rapper pulled a gun during shooting (of the show, not the gun) and threatened Young Thug (a/k/a Jeffrey Williams) at a New Orleans nightclub.

In "She's Got Game," The Game searches for true love - think "The Bachelor" with street cred.

Sources told TMZ that when The Game took a loaded gun from his bodyguard's holster and waved it, the crew freaked.

When Young Thug responded with a video calling out The Game, with a guy in the background holding a semiautomatic, production people told the producer they felt their lives were in danger and walked.

Usually people just walk when their livelihoods are in danger.

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