Internet grieves over split

We and the world are bummed that beauties Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting sundered. The entire Twitterverse is lamenting the split and asking why. TMZ quotes the incredibly busy Sources, who say various things. One Source: Ben gambled and drank! Naah, says Other Source: His "career explosion" was what "torpedoed" their marriage. (The first time that ever happened, we are sure, in Hollyvoid history.) One more clue BenJen were nice people: Not even a prenup!!!!

Sulu Trumps, Thumps Trump

On MSNBC's The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, George Takei, among the most respected of LGBT voices, basically shredded, folded, spindled, and mutilated Donald Trump. See, Trump (having an even more pitiable and lame presidential campaign than usual) has been wheezing about how the Supreme Court got it wrong about equal marriage. Respectfully but firmly, Takei slammed Trump's head repeatedly in the bus door. He recalled a 2012 discussion with the Donald: "He was for traditional marriage, despite the fact that he'd been married three times. That is not traditional." Ouch!!! Takei has been with his spouse, Brad Altman, for 28 years; they were finally able to marry in 2008. The oft-wed Trump started the parade with Ivana Zelnícková in 1977 and shed her in 1992; next year he selected Marla Maples, whom he sent to the curb in 1999. And he wed Melania Knauss, 24 years his junior, in 2005. That's still in force. "Over the years," Takei said, we've come to understand what marriage really means, and that's love. . . . Traditional marriage is where two people love each other, commit to each other, care for each other over the years. It is a meaningful ceremony. His interpretation of that is not recognizing what real marriage is." What if Takei is the better poster-person for fidelity, trad-marriage? True love???

A synonym for 'great'!

Big, big congrats to Jen Bryant of Glenmoore. She's the winner of the Robert F. Sibert Medal for her picture book The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus, with artist Melissa Sweet. Given at the recent American Library Association conference in San Francisco, the annual award is for "the most distinguished informational book published in the United States in English during the preceding year" and is administered by the Association for Library Service to Children. The Right Word was also named a Caldecott Honor Book, for being one of the "most distinguished American picture books for children." This is Bryant's 30th book. She's a graduate of Gettysburg College and got her M.A. at Arcadia University.

Random access memories . . .

Joining the worldwide sprint away from Donald Trump, former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith has backed out as a judge at Trump's Miss USA thing. . . . Enrique Iglesias was arrested in Florida for allegedly driving with a suspended license - and obstruction of justice. Why? Because, authorities say, as the cop approached, Enrique tried to, y'know, switch seats with a passenger, Abel Tabuyo, and pretend Abel was driving. Does that trick ever work? . . .

Compiled by Inquirer staff