LOS ANGELES — Ed Helms is best known  for starring in the raunchy Hangover film trilogy and the slapsticky Vacation reboot — but he feels his latest role in Father Figures as a proctologist is unique.

"What really drew me to this film is that the script is funny as hell," Helms said in a recent interview. "But what I really like is how life-affirming it is. It's got a very poignant message to it. At the end of the day, I wanted to send some more positive energy out into the world."

In the film Helms plays Peter Reynolds. Together, with his more laid-back brother Kyle, played by Owen Wilson, they learn from their mom (Glenn Close) that the man they always thought was their dad isn't — and go in a search for their real father.

"Yeah, reading for a script and projects you want to work on, there's a lot more going on in this one," Helms said. "I mean, I loved Vacation and working with Christina Applegate, but that is really [straight] comedy. In this one, while it has a lot of great comedy as well, it calls for more shades and maturation as an actor. It's a thrill! It's always fun to stretch as an actor!"

Helms admits his character is "jaded" and that it is taking a chance to do a film some may feel has too many serious elements.

"Yeah..I look at it like there's a risk in everything you do," he said. "The only thing you have to fall back on is do you live it and put yourself out there? So, I have no idea how it'll be received. If it'll be loved or hated.

"But I know that I love it, I'm proud of it and I had a great time making it."