Ahoy, Sassenachs!

Coming down from the whirlwind of ComicCon interview videos? (See our favorite below.)

And in case you missed it, like that's possible, the Season 3 trailer:

Casting about, so to speak, for new distractions as you await the Sept. 10 return of Outlander on Starz? Dreaming of how Voyager, third in the series of Diana Gabaldon's best-selling novels, will unfold on your flatscreen?

Well, it's no spoiler that boats feature strongly in this book and the coming season. What better way to pass the time than with music themed to boats, dreams and afternoon delights (in a print shop, perhaps?) Here's our Top 10 Outlander yacht rock playlist. Feel free to add some more in the comments section!

  1. Because any kind of fool could see there was something in everything about ye, Claire. "Baby Come Back"
  2. Uh, actually, Fergus, she's only fifteen. "Into  the Night"
  3. Would that this had been true for the past 20 years "Just the Two of Us"
  4. It's got a groovin' bass line and the best news we've heard yet – "Love Will Find a Way"
  5. And once it does…. "This Is It"
  6. There are two reasons for this inclusion: 1) There's gotta be a Toto song in a yacht rock list, and "Africa's" just nonsensical, right? And 2) because 'Claire Fraser, Claire Fraser' subs so nicely for "Rosanna"
  7. Too many spoilers to explain it, but trust us, "Devil Woman" belongs here.
  8. Could be love, could be anatomy. Either way, it's the "Biggest Part of Me"
  9. Here's one for you, John Grey … "Hello, It's Me" 
  10. "It's always been forever for me, Sassenach." Which, if Jamie could carry a tune, might have become this hit. Plus, Gerry Rafferty was Scottish!

Finally, if you don't take your yacht rock as seriously as you take your Outlander, check out this hysterical yacht rock takedown here.