Apps are a quick and easy way to get you what you need for the holidays. Whether you're shopping, baking, making lists, or just trying to keep the kids entertained while you do all of the above - we've got 8 apps that will help you through the holidays:

1. Shop Style

Have a teenager that's difficult to shop for? If he or she has their eye on a certain item, search for a broad term (knee-high boots, skateboard) or a brand and take a look through over 300 retailers with matching products that Shop Style comes up with.  Available on iTunes.

2. Smoopa

This awesome app randomly rewards you at local shops for comparing items with their scanner.  Available for free on iTunes.

3. Meal Planning

Simplify your meals with this easy app. Plan out your dinners, grocery shopping and recipes. Available on iTunes.

4. Key Ring

Key Ring creates an electronic database to store all of your rewards cards in so you won't have to rummage through your wallet looking for them. Available on iTunes.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

Those who are traveling out of the country this year for the holidays, this app is a must-have. WhatsApp allows you to message other smart phone users with the app from anywhere in the world for free. Available on iTunes.

6. Christmas countdown app

The Christmas countdown app is ideal for children.  When you open it up, you will find out how many days, hours, minutes and seconds left until Christmas.  Available on iTunes.

7. Hanukkah Activity Center

For the ultimate Hanukkah experience, download the Hanukkah Activity Center. Your kids will love you for it. Available on iTunes.

8. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

Take a trip through Martha Stewart's recipesand save your favorites in your own library. This app is available for free for a limited time.