Locke A tour de force, and a tour down British motorways in the dead of night, with Tom Hardy as a man in a car, on his Bluetooth, trying to keep the pieces of his life from flying apart. And that is the sum of writer/director Steven Knight's extraordinary character study. R

Blue Ruin Barbed-wire-sharp and surprising thriller, with Macon Blair as a drifter looking to avenge the murder of his parents. Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier finds time to explore a substratal world of homelessness, of a solitary soul scrounging for food, for shelter. This spare American indie examines how violence defines our lives in ways that feel jolting, and true. R

Fed Up A resoundingly scary and effective documentary about the nation's obesity crisis, the food industry's complicity, and what can be done about it. Narrated by Katie Couric. PG