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Malvern-raised director Adam McKay to write, direct Dick Cheney movie

Dick Cheney will soon be coming to the silver screen, and its all thanks to a Malvern guy.

Dick Cheney will soon be coming to the silver screen, and it's all thanks to a Malvern guy.

Director Adam McKay, who is known for his work on Will Ferrell films like Anchorman and Talladega Nights, will write and direct an as-yet-untitled film that follows Dick Cheney's "jump from his CEO position at Halliburton to his VP role under George W. Bush," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The film will be in a similar style to McKay's The Big Short,  the 2015 fictionalized account of the 2008 financial crisis. Paramount will produce.

The Cheney project is McKay's latest with a more serious bent. The Temple-educated director also currently is attached to the HBO pilot for Succession, a drama that follows a wealthy media family. McKay soon will release Bad Blood, a film starring Jennifer Lawrence as a possibly unethical bio-tech executive, which he wrote and directed.

McKay has gotten more politically involved in recent years. Currently, the director sits on the advisory board of, an organization that works to fight political corruption. Additionally, after winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay this year for The Big Short, McKay used his acceptance speech to rail against political corruption.

According to Deadline, McKay's Cheney film will see a release date in late 2017.