Nearly a decade before he entered pop culture's collective consciousness with 1977's Eraserhead, David Lynch found himself wandering around Philadelphia, looking for inspiration. He left in 1970 to become the auteur he is today, but now Lynch is making his way back to Philly with some help from the Philadelphia Film Society.

PFS will host "David Lynch Revisited: A Retrospective Film Series" starting in September, screening everything from Twin Peaks and Inland Empire to Elephant Man and Mulholland Drive across a two-month period and culminating with a "From the Vaults" tribute at this year's Philadelphia Film Festival in October. It's all happening at the Prince Music Theater starting September 3, with tickets on sale now. Full retrospective passes run $60, and Q&A tickets go for $25.

The pièce de résistance, though, is the one-time Q&A between Lynch and journalist Kristine McKenna on September 10. Public appearances for Lynch are rare, with Lynch having long cultivated a reputation as somewhat of a recluse who balks at the idea of public speaking. So, if ever you wanted to hear from the man himself about, say, just what exactly that Eraserhead baby is (please?), now's your chance.

But if you miss it, don't worry—September is shaping up to be David Lynch month here in Philly. Just a few days after Lynch's on-stage conversation, PAFA will launch their "David Lynch: The Unified Field" exhibit, showing some 90 paintings and drawings from the filmmaker's decades-long career. So, almost as good—but, either way, September is going to be strange.

Check out the schedule for "David Lynch Revisited" below:

September 3 - Eraserhead
September 10 - Conversation with David Lynch followed by screening of Lost Highway
September 17 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
September 24 - Inland Empire
October 1 - FILM TBA
October 9 - Elephant Man, Free Outdoor Screening at the PHS Pop-Up Garden, 1438 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19146.
October 16-26 - 'From the Vaults' at the 23rd Philadelphia Film Festival celebrates David Lynch. Films include Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, The Straight Story & Mulholland Drive. More information to be announced.