This week is full of season finales, and "Saturday Night Live" is no exception. May 18 marks the end of season 38 for the comedic cast – who will be saying farewell to Bill Hader – and they've got host Ben Affleck and musical guest Kanye West.

Kanye stirred up some controversy this week after going on a very lengthy rant at a surprise show in New York. We're all clenching our teeth awaiting to see how he handles himself. If you recall from the captured video, West made a statement about his appearance on the show: "Somebody asked me, 'When you do SNL, is you going to do a skit about the paparazzi and sh*t? And humanize yourself? I ain't here to apologize to no motherf*ckers, man... I ain't runnin' for office."

Now, try and sit through these sort-of-awkward TV promos for this week's show and maybe let's try and figure out why he's wearing a band-aid on his head?

Kanye West, I think you're on the verge of a major breakdown.