Last night, Kanye West played a surprise show at New York's Roseland Ballroom as a part of Adult Swim's Upfront event.

In typical Kanye fashion, he played some new material from inside a pyramid AND went on a major anti-celebrity rant. He declared to the crowd, "I'm the worst kind of celebrity, because all I do is make real music."

He's had a rough week with the media. He was snapped banging his head on a sign and going nuts at the paparazzi; but that's what you get when you impregnate Kim Kardashian. "I don't want nobody running up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures to magazines... throwing me off of my focus and sh*t," he shouted.

He also went on to make some statements about his up-coming SNL performance and for some reason dropped this absurd statement: "I ain't kissing nobody's motherf*cking babies. I'll drop your baby and you'll motherf*cking sue me and sh*t."