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Miguel body slams fans during Billboard performance

An ambitious stage stunt leaves two fans with minor injuries.

Last night's Billboard Music Awards has the internet buzzing this morning – because of one moment in particular. R&B singer, Miguel, put on a 'show-stomping' performance last night when he sang his popular hit "Adorn."

The 27-year-old singer nearly decapitated two fans when he jumped across the stage. As you'll see in the video below, he overestimates how far he can jump and ends up using a couple of female crowd members as a landing platform.

One girl gets caught between his legs and bangs her head on stage; the other gets her head smacked onto the stage. Instead of making sure the obviously injured girls were okay, Miguel continued his performance without missing a beat. He even went on to hug a nearby fan and swayed with her as the the show went on.

Not only did he continue to perform, but the uninjured crowd members just continued to act like nothing had happened. A few look like they helped shuffle the girls out, but no one seemed to be genuinely concerned for their safety.

According to Hollywood Life, Miguel did later bring one of the girls backstage to deliver a sincere apology. The same girl was also reportedly "all smiles" later in the night.

I've watched this video in agony over and over again, trying to restore my faith in humanity with no luck. Everyone is just way too starstruck to lend a helping hand. Shame on them.

Miguel has yet to release a public statement concerning the incident.