As Made in America got underway Saturday afternoon, Mario Cefalo, 26, walked out of his townhouse on the 2300 block of Spring Garden Street and joined friends in a blue inflatable pool in the street.

"They said we couldn't park our cars here," Cefalo said, "so I decided to park my pool."

Each year during Made in America, Cefalo and roommate Peyton Wells, 26, host this party for their friends, many of whom are fellow Drexel University alumni. If there is going to be an annual music festival across from their house, they said, they figured they might as well have some fun with it.

"We like it because we have this party," said Wells, sitting in a lawn chair next to the water.

"When [headliner] Post Malone does his mic check, we get a free concert," said friend Markus Kampfhammer, 26, who was partly submerged in the water.

Behind them on the sidewalk, other partygoers played cornhole and chatted on a black leather couch by the front stoop. In past years, this party has consisted of beer pong and other games, Cefalo said. This year, however, Cefalo bought an inflatable pool for a Fourth of July party and thought he might as well bring it out again for the festival. Police don't seem to mind, Wells said. In fact, every once in a while, an officer looks over and waves or offers a thumbs up, he said.

The crew would be back out tomorrow, they said.