A gaggle of Philadelphia indie-rock luminaries gathered this month on a basketball court at the Bok Building in South Philadelphia, not to shoot hoops but to record a cover version of the Cranberries' 1993 hit "Linger."

The supergroup, caught on tape by music-focused Philly collective Out of Town films, includes the four members of Queen of Jeans, Paloma Gill and Louise Hayat-Camard of the Dove & the Wolf, Sadie Dupuis of the bands Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz, as well as solo artist Shamir Bailey.

It's a promotional tie-in with Red Bull Sound Select: 3 Days in Philly, the mini-festival programmed by the energy drink company scheduled for  Oct. 12 and 13 at Underground Arts and Oct. 14 at the Trocadero.

The ad hoc band, who for this one-off are going by the less-than-mellifluous name the Dove Jeans & Sad Shamir, are not booked into the festival, but the Dove & the Wolf and Queen of Jeans are slotted to play Oct. 12 at Underground Arts, opening for former Philadelphia duo Girlpool.

On Saturday, excellent Chicago rapper Noname headlines, with Andrea Valle and Brianna Cash. And the fest moves to the Troc with Syd, the R&B singer who fronts the band the Internet, plus Ravyn Lenae, St. Beauty, and a DJ set by Dawn Richard. The last two nights are sold out, but tickets remain for the Phillycentric  first.