Philly Throttle, a new Discovery channel reality show, debuts at 10 tonight with a focus on the crew at Liberty Vintage Cycles in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The docu-series follows Adam Cramer, an artist who, along with his crew, "hammers, grind and ultimately convert rusted bikes into true works of art."

Liberty Vintage Cycles takes vintage motorcycles and restores or converts them into "the perfect" bikes, according to a show description on the Discovery channel website. The shop is, "located in the heart of Philadelphia's hard-nosed, working-class neighborhood of Fishtown."

Other local Philadelphia residents included in the show are Fran "Scareho" Gelicson, Rob Marish and Slo Johnson. The show captures the crew as it fights tight deadlines and customers' budgets. Cramer is described as an intellectual attempting to run a business.

The description for the first episode:

"The guys at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles are feeling the heat. Faced with a cut-off notice from the electric company, the team races to complete 1967 Norton Atlas and a 1931 Matchless Model X. If they fail, it's game over at Liberty Vintage."