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Notorious Philly prankster Ed Bassmaster's CMT show gets premiere date

YouTube star and Northeast Philly native Ed Bassmaster's prank show has a premiere date after a year of being in limbo.

The Ed Bassmaster show will premiere 10 p.m. Thursday, April 14 on CMT. A Viacom red told Variety that there was a "slight delay in shooting the episodes," which is why it was no on CMT's 2015 slate as planned.

Bassmaster, born Edwin Rodriguez, has over two million subscribers on YouTube and 143,000 Twitter followers. His videos, often shot in Philadelphia, feature various pranks -- liked dressing up as a zombie and going through fast food drive thru windows (29.7 hits) -- and regular characters (the goonish Always Teste, lovable nerd Skippy, and the unintelligible Mumbles). Those familiar character will also be on the show that was shot in New York City and Nashville.

While Bassmaster has been posting videos since 2006, he went international last year when he and partner Jesse Wellens created a fake surveillance video of the destruction of hitchBOT, a world-travelling hitch-hiking Canadian robot that met its demise in Philadelphia. Bassmaster even fooled 6ABC.

Check out the trailer for the CMT show: