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South Jersey Eagles fan and beauty queen takes 'Catching Kelce' loss hard

In the end, Veronica Harwood's South Jersey charm wasn't enough to win her the love of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Harwood, the Wildwood Crest native who was plucked from Instragram obscurity to star on the E! network reality show Catching Kelce, beat out 48 other contestants to earn a spot in the final two on the dating show's finale last night.

After outlasting fellow contestants Lauren Schwab and Avery Schlereth, it seemed as though Kelce was leaning towards Harwood, a lifelong Eagles fan who was a favorite of Kelce's brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce.

"I feel very strongly about you," Kelce told Harwood during their last date in Kansas City. "I see a sparkle every time you smile."

Despite concerns about her confidence and arrogance, Kelce ended up choosing Kentucky's Maya Benberry as the winner, sending Harwood back down the Shore.

Harwood, who has said the biggest challenge of filming a reality show is to "really stay true to yourself," didn't take the news too well on the show.

"I'm sad because I put my whole heart out there, and it just feels like it's been stomped on," Harwood said after leaving the Los Angeles mansion where the show was filmed. "I truly thought I had something special with him, but I guess I was wrong."

"I feel like I did everything I could. If that wasn't enough for him, then it might never be enough for him," Harwood continued before extending two middle fingers at the camera. "So, Travis, f- you! It's not going to work with Maya. She's going to end up screwing you over in the long run."

The show was filmed in March, so Harwood has known for months she came up short in winning over Kelce's affection. Still, she became emotional watching the final episode of the show during a watch party at Backfin Blues Bar and Grill in Wildwood last night.

"It was the first time seeing his reaction and what he was saying behind the scenes," Harwood said,  "As much as I would have loved to win Travis' heart, he didn't pick me. It sucks. It does suck. But there's plenty of fish in the sea, and I'm going to get a real winner. Like a 250-pounder."

Harwood, an aspiring pastry chef and Miss New Jersey semifinalist, just moved to Philadelphia, but is considering another move soon to Los Angeles. Does that mean Catching New Jersey is far off?

"I wouldn't mind having a spin off of my own," Harwood said. "The show just ended last night, so things could be happening shortly. I feel like there are more opportunities on the West Coast."