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Will Jon Dorenbos' Eagles contract extension hurt his magic career?

Today, the Eagles announced long snapper Jon Dorenbos' three-year contract extension, tweeting, "Three more years of magic."

Dorenbos, 36, was set to become a free agent this year and many speculated that he'd go full force into his other career — as a magician. The athlete and performer took third place on America's Got Talent earlier this year and appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the second time on Tuesday.

Now, Dorenbos will remain with the Eagles through the 2019 season. He is already the team's longest tenured player — he's been with the Birds for 10 of his 14 years in the NFL.

But is he wasting his much-deserved television buzz by continuing to play football?

"Obviously he was able to juggle both careers," said Randy Alexander, a veteran entertainment publicist and president of Randex Communications. "From what I can see he will probably continue to do so."

"In the long run, he'll have more of a career as a magician because those skills do not erode like your athletic skills do," he added. "So my assumption is he will continue to ride out his career as a football player as long as he can, as he maintains his magic career."

Alexander said he once saw Dorenbos perform at Sellersville Theater. He opened for Craig Shoemaker, a Philadelphia-born comedian, also known as the Lovemaker. "I was quite impressed with Jon's skills as a magician," Alexander said. "Obviously he's no slouch, as evident by his success on America's Got Talent. And he has a lot of support from a lot of friends and if anything, his playing career can help his performing career. It already has. It's a door opener."

Alexander said the "wild card" is how much Dorenbos' success on America's Got Talent will help his magic career in the future.

Longtime entertainer Jerry Blavat said Dorenbos' playing can only help advance his magic career because as an athlete, he has developed the discipline and focus that magicians need to be successful.

"His style on the field creates his style as a magician," Blavat said. "Just watch the way he moves. If you saw him on America's Got Talent, if no one told you he was a magician but you watched him move, he did pretty good."

Larry Magid, Philadelphia's best-known promoter and entertainment mogul, also said staying in the NFL could help Dorenbos' performing career as long as he continues to manage both.

"People love celebrity," he said. "The longer you play a professional sport, the longer you're in people's eye, so I'm certain that could be part of his promotion. That he's a veteran NFL football player, and a good one."

Over the next three football seasons, we're likely to see more magic from Dorenbos on and off the field.

"I've always said when people are talented, whether you're a football player or a disc jockey or a lawyer, you gotta find other things to keep you whole, rather than just playing ball," Blavat said. "He's got a gift."