Some of Adam F. Goldberg's memories are apparently chocolate-flavored.

Which is why a visit to Hersheypark on Wednesday will become the latest of Goldberg's experiences from his Jenkintown boyhood to be tapped for an episode of ABC's 1980s-set sitcom The Goldbergs, complete with references to the park's sooperdooperLooper roller coaster.

"One of my greatest memories from school was going to Hersheypark on a field trip," Goldberg said in a statement released through a publicist. "I vividly remember going through Chocolate World, where I bought a giant-size Hershey kiss in the gift shop and ate it for the next year."

The sooperdooperLooper, which opened in 1977 as the first looping roller coaster on the East Coast, "was the first looping roller coaster I had ever seen," Goldberg said. "Even though my mom insisted I not go on it, I ignored her and still did as a point of pride. Sure, I ended up losing consciousness on the coaster for a bit, but I still did it!"

The show, which is largely filmed in Culver City, Calif., sent a crew to Hershey for some atmospheric shots — check out the Hershey Kiss streetlights — and will feature young Adam (Sean Giambrone) wearing an "I survived the sooperdooperLooper" T-shirt.

In the episode, Adam's class is taking a school trip to the amusement park. After his attempt to avoid having his "smother" Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) accompany them backfires, all his friends' parents, too, end up on the trip.

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