The most important thing to know about the Golden Globes, whose 75th awards air Sunday (8 p.m., NBC), is that the awards themselves aren't the important part.

It's the show that matters.

A creation of the eccentric Hollywood Foreign Press Association, whose members vote on the awards and annually endure ribbing  about it from  hosts (and even otherwise grateful recipients), the Globes are the awards show we sometimes wish the Oscars could be. Not only can anything happen — people get drunk, the TelePrompTer goes out, winners are in the bathroom when their names are called — but that anything usually takes place before most of the audience has gone to bed.

Last year's Academy Awards, which ended with the wrong winner being announced for best picture, had its own Golden Globes moment. But how many people saw it happen live?

A few other things to know about Sunday's Globes: