Sharp Objects. Amy Adams stars as a troubled reporter who's sent to her hometown to write about the murder of one young girl and the disappearance of another in the premiere of this limited series, adapted from a novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. 9 p.m. Sunday, July 8, HBO.

The 2000s. Ever feel as if nostalgia is breathing down your neck? CNN has been plowing through the past, one decade at a time (The Eighties, The Nineties), and now it brings us to a period most of us should remember pretty clearly. The premiere looks at breakout TV shows of the decade, including one — The Big Bang Theory — that's still going strong. 9 p.m. Sunday, July 8, CNN.

No Passport Required. Chef Marcus Samuelsson hosts a new six-part series highlighting the contributions of immigrants to our food and culture. First stop: Detroit. WHYY is pairing it with a "micro-series" that features food in Philadelphia and the people who make it. 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, WHYY12.

Hit the Floor. The cheerleader/dancer-driven drama moves from VH1 to BET for its fourth season. 10 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, BET.

The Last Defense. The series highlighting issues with Death Row inmates' convictions introduces the case of Julius Jones, a former high school basketball star sentenced to death in a murder he says he didn't commit. 10 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, ABC.

The Handmaid's Tale. An eventful second-season finale features another appearance by Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) as the quirkiest "commander" ever, as Emily (Alexis Bledel) deals with her new posting. Meanwhile, back at the Waterfords', Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) and June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss) are doing a lot of thinking about what growing up in Gilead means for the baby girl one calls Nicole, the other Holly. (Also coming to Hulu on Wednesday: the second-season premiere of Harlots, a series starring Samantha Morton and Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay that's set in high-end brothels of 18th-century London.)  Wednesday, July 11, Hulu.

Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits &  Monsters. Philadelphia's Seth Green guest stars in the debut of a new horror-comedy anthology series, playing a voice actor whose famous animated character, a blue bear named Bubba, starts stalking him (and complaining about the portrayal). 10 p.m. Wednesday, July 11, TruTV.