Not even the prospect of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl can dim some fans' passion for This Is Us, the NBC drama that's promised to answer all of their questions this Sunday in a special postgame episode.

What those fans, who've been reaching out to Philadelphia's NBC10  (and me), want to know is this: Will people in our area get to see This Is Us after the game, or will it be preempted for local coverage, leaving us to wonder exactly how Pittsburgh Steelers fan Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died after a long-ago Super Sunday? (Even though it seems pretty clear by now.)

Not to worry: Anzio Williams is on it.

Williams, vice president of news for NBC10 and Telemundo 62, said Monday that NBC10 would air This Is Us after the Super Bowl, followed by the local news and a special edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Because we're expecting this to be Philadelphia's biggest night in television history, we'll use two channels to document this historic night," Williams said, employing the NBC-owned digital multicast channel known as Cozi TV for its own Super Bowl coverage.

"On Cozi TV, fans can watch continuous coverage of the biggest parties, street celebrations, and festivities around Philadelphia," he said, as well as "postgame player interviews and reaction from all the parties in Minnesota."

The station's job this week, he said, is to get the word out about Cozi (see below for how to find it on your system) and to encourage people to learn to set their DVRs properly for both.

"If you set it [just] for This Is Us and the game goes longer or is short, it's going to cut off," Williams said. "No matter what time the game [ends], if you go ahead and set your DVR from 6 p.m. all the way to 1 a.m" on both stations, you won't miss anything. "Otherwise, you're taking a risk."

Where to find Cozi TV:

Over the air (antenna) – 10.2

Xfinity/Comcast - 248

Verizon Fios - 460

RCN - 28

Service Electric - 110, 144

Cablevision - 109, 688

Armstrong - 92