Too tired to go to the gym today? Sit down, relax and have a glass of wine instead. And don't even think about feeling guilty because apparently your body will be reaping the same benefits as if you spent an hour working up a sweat at the gym. We all have read studies that debate the health benefits of drinking a glass of red wine each night, but now scientists are saying that drinking a glass is as equivalent as going to the gym. It is like Christmas for wine lovers, right?

Latin Times recently reported that researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada found that the magic ingredient in red wine is resveratol which is also found in nuts and grapes. This complex boosts the function of the heart, muscles and bones as much as a trip to the gym does. Scientists tested the effectiveness of resveratol on rodents and will be looking at its effect on diabetics next.

Of course this doesn't mean you should go raid the liquor store on your way home from work tonight. It is specifically red wine that has resveratol, and with anything moderation is the key. Overindulging could lead to new health problems instead. One glass of red wine with dinner is all you need to drink to reap the benefits.

Red wine has also been found to help with cholesterol, colon cancer, brain health as well as many other benefits. So while exercise is an important part of healthy living, now you don't have to feel guilty if once in a while you skip the gym and sip some vino instead.

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