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Prince investigation reveals intimate new details of the rock star's life

Though Prince died of an overdose of the narcotic Fentanyl, he had no legal prescriptions for the drug issued in his name.

Prince, the megastar musician and sometime-actor, died April 21 in an elevator inside his Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minn.

On Monday, the local sheriff's office unsealed investigation documents.

Among the highlights from the affidavit:

  1. Though Prince died of an overdose of the narcotic Fentanyl, he had no legal prescriptions for the drug issued in his name. A doctor had prescribed oxycodone on Apr. 21, 2016, the day Prince made his emergency plane landing in Moline, Ill., but the script had been written in a bodyguard's name — Kirk Johnson — to protect the rock star's privacy. 

  2. Prince did not have a regular doctor, but hired health professionals to provide  "B12 injections to feel better before performing" a show. B12 injections are legal and reputedly boost energy.

  3. At Paisley Park, police discovered "numerous narcotic controlled substance pills" in various containers in a suitcase,   found in a suitcase with a name-tag that read "Peter Bravestrong," the alias Prince used on the road.

  4. The suitcase, stored next to Prince's bed, held a Vitamin D bottle containing Ondanselron Hydrochloride. Another bottle contained Ondansetron and oxycodone hydrochloride.

  5. Also in the suitcase were Prince's handwritten lyrics to his hit "U Got the Look." 

  6. Prince refused to use a cellphone after his iPhone was hacked and his personal information was stolen. He preferred to communicate via email. His accounts included, and

  7. Prince had been prescribed "Clonidine, Hydroxyzine Pamoate and Diazepam,"

  8. A DEA computer expert examined Prince's Apple MacBook and found the musician would frequently go online after shows to read reviews shortly after the performance. Investigators believe the computer contains evidence that will lead them to the source of the fentanyl that killed him.

  9. Judith Glory Hill, Prince's last love, began a romantic relationship with him in the fall of 2014.

  10. In an April 21 search of Paisley Park, investigators found 15 white capsules numbered 853 in a second floor dressing room; seven green capsules imprinted with the number 194 and eight orange pills in a suitcase in a space described as a "mirror room;" 64 white pills marked Watson 853 in a Bayer aspirin bottle; 10 white round pills inscribed with A-349 in a CVS pharmacy bottle labeled with the name of Prince's assistant; 20 white pills marked Watson 853 inside an Aleve bottle; and a pamphlet titled "Recovery Without Walls" recovered from the Purple Rain room.